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More than mere decoration, well thought out art can highlight a company’s image, vision and values. It can create a visual impact supportive of the corporate mission statement. Well selected art can bring: networking opportunities, enhance morale, build customer and community relations and art will broaden: employee appreciation of diversity, encourage discussion, and exhibit your company’s interest in providing a quality environment for both staff and clients.  Art makes a tangible difference in how employees view their work environment, their job, and their employer.  I will develop a program that works best for your company, be it original art, commissioned work, prints, or a collaborative piece.  If you have a corporate collection, I can update your appraisals, curate, or hang your work for the best impact.


Develop your home or work space to elevate creativity, decrease stress, and produce energy.  Yes art can reach us on many levels.  Not only can Central House assist in purchasing work, but we can ensure that your current work is inventoried, appraised as well as hung  properly and curated to connect with its environment.


Develop you visual communication with social media, with once a week photo shoots and social media postings.  Email for more information


Happy to work with indoor or out door mural requests.  Make any room a signature room by introducing a focus wall that is all about you. 


Part of my commission work deals with all sorts of media, work can be from gargoyles, gates, or glass fused family crests. 

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If you would like to discuss a project please send me the information below.

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