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Leslie Hunter

Leslie has a deep appreciation for visual arts. She studied fashion and visual arts in both Canada and Australia. Leslie graduated with a BFA from the University of Alberta and is a member of the Golden Key Honours Society. Until mid 2015, Leslie was on the Friends of the University Hospital Board as the Director of Culture. Leslie has been working as a sponsorship and marketing manager in recent years and has developed an excellent reputation with her corporate contacts. She continues to run her own consulting company and studio. From central house she develops art work, team building workshops and presentations, private and group workshops, and week or week-end fine art get aways. Leslie most recent commissions include interior decor and design; completing a local restaurant, an apartment foyer, and a private gate.

Art History

Solo and Group Shows

* 2017; Artist in Residence, Oak Bay Hotel, Victoria

* 2016; Coastal Expressions, Tulista Gallery, Sidney

* 2015; Massey Gallery, Art Gallery of Greater Victoria

* 2012; The Front Gallery, figurative show, group.

* 2012; New Alberta Contemporaries, Esker Foundation, Calgary, AB.

* 2011; Art Swap, Alberta Art Days, Edmonton (designed, developed and produced)

* 2009; Solo show, studio tour.

* 2007; U of A Grad show-group

* 2003; The Works, Edmonton-group 

* 2002; Integration Pilates Studio, Edmonton-solo

* 2002; Stanley A. Milner Library, Edmonton-solo

* 2002; McMullen Gallery after hours display-solo 

* 2002; Extension Gallery, U of A extension-solo


* 2004; Christian History Book, Published by Friesers Corp.

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