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current projects



*the indispensable factor or influence that gives something its strength and vitality.

The inspiration for my current project began in the months after my Adenomyosis diagnosis.  


I was chronically anemic, and was having trouble keeping my iron levels up.  It was my anemia and the Adenomyosis that led to a hysterectomy.  After years suffering from dysmenorrhea, and severe prolonged bleeding I was looking forward to a time without my symptoms dictating my activities.

The month leading up to my hysterectomy was filled with the anticipation of being free as well as the knowledge that I no longer would be able to conceive.  


For me, my situation illustrated something so fundamentally human.  It was physical, graphic, emotional, and philosophical.

Currently I have 3 works completed and another 10 in development.  I will exhibit in 2022 and am currently looking for a space to share the work. My process and a full artist statement will be shared closer to the exhibition date.  

Past Memory


My Father passed very quickly from cancer, I decided to purchase his home from the estate, and have been blessed to enjoy his efforts and his love of gardening.  This series is based on my Dad's gardens, the palate is born from Caravaggio's "muse" paintings. This series has one work completed and two works being finished.


I hope to share a depth within the works, one that talks of the complexities of relationships.

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